So why do I coach??

I’ve often been asked by many of my friends and especially by my family:

‘Why do you coach’?  ‘Why do you take it so seriously’? ‘What do you get out of it’?

So to answer them questions easily, I love football!  The joy of being involved in a team sport far outweighs an individual sport such as athletics.  I suppose I enjoy sharing success with team mates and love being part of a team.  With success comes some failures and I would prefer to share that with people then sit and ponder my mistakes by myself.

I used to be a very successful sprinter when I was younger and winning races, events and finals were great but I got more enjoyment in winning football matches because I was to share my views with my team mates.

Why coach?

I think I coached when I was around 14-16 in a sense.  I often wrote tactics and formations in lessons with a good friend of mine (another coach).  We would go through previous games we played at school boy level and give ratings out of 10 and discuss the next fixture, what we need to do, who we need to stop, etc.

When I played at school and for clubs, I loved the build up to games, I loved training, this was fundamental for me.  I used to know when I was playing/training well.  In my next article, I willl allude to training sessions I was involved in when I was young and what coaching I received because I believe this has massively helped my coaching and my development.

Why do I take coaching so serious?

I like to think I take most things quite serious.  If I evaluated most of my sessions, I would say I am maybe too serious, I want to do well and want my sessions to be perfect, however I know that most of our learning, we have to fail at times to learn.

What do I get out of it? 

I love the game and it has given me some of the best feelings (and some of the worst) in sport.  If I can help players experience the game the way I have then I have done a decent job!  I often see ex-players out and about who always talk about playing for my team and speak of how they loved the experience of it.  If I can create a positive, safe, fun and relaxed environment within my club/sessions then i’m more than happy

By leecoulter1210